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What do you want to be labeled as? Find out how you can be a positive influence in your school or neighborhood. Be a tutor, mentor, or volunteer and make a positive label for yourself and your peers in the community. Also find out ways to help the country become safer and stronger through civic engagement.

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Boy Band
  The "Boy Band" spot spoofs the popular music documentary shows highlighting a "boy band", much like N'Sync or the Backstreet Boys.
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  What Do You Want to Be Labeled As?
This dynamic campaign encourages teens to become involved not because it's fun, but because it's cool. Positive labels (mentor, tutor) appear in the place of fashion labels.
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  Volunteering: Do What You Like To Do. Maybe you're also the kind of teenager who notices things around you, like the homeless woman you pass every day, the run-down playground on the next block, or graffiti on the walls of your school. The good news is that making a difference in the lives of others can become a part of your everyday life with very little effort--and you can do it by doing what you already like to do.
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bullet Send an E-Postcard!
The National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign has several electronic postcards with crime prevention messages for you to send to your friends and family.
bullet United for a Stronger America
In response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the National Crime Prevention Council launched a major public service advertising (PSA) campaign in partnership with The Advertising Council, U.S. Department of Justice, and the Crime Prevention Coalition of America.
USA Freedom Corps Volunteer Network
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