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Investing in Youth for a Safer Future: Boy Band

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watch boy band psaBoy Band :60 CNCP-1160 (Also :30 CNC-1330)


boys jump in more jumping johnny speaks


JOHNNY: You know, we sing for millions of girls. But helping out in schools, that's the real deal, baby.

boys dance in the classroom bret speaks bret chats up teacher

BAND SINGING: I know our love can multiply, 'cause you're the X and I'm the Y.

BRET: I'm the cute one, you know what I'm sayin'?

BRET: So have you ever been backstage before?

dance practice for the boys just singin' and dancin' in the classroom jason speaks about gravity

DANCE INSTRUCTOR: OK guys, this is an abacus. It's an old school calculator. One, two, three, four.

BAND SINGING: Like the circle and the square, our geometry is a perfect pair.

INTERVIEWER: Now why should kids know about gravity?
JASON: Well, gravity holds them down.

In the game - bully and kid meet In the game - bully and kid meet In the game - bully and kid meet

BAND SINGING: I once was one, but we're two. JASON: Stop, I'm spinning out of control. (SFX: TWO BEEPS)


BAND SINGING: I wanna square my love to you...

In the game - bully and kid meet In the game - bully and kid meet In the game - bully and kid meet


  In the game - bully and kid meet  

BAND: Aww.


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