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64-Bit Mailbox :15 CNCP-9215
[about the children's campaign]

a dizzying stairwell the chase! the barrels are on her heels!

McGRUFF: McGruff here.

Your mission:

get my new free

a narrow escape a leap over a terrifying gorge made it!

comic-activity book

on how to avoid bullies, guns, and drugs.


all this for a comic book! - mission accomplished - the mailbox  

McGruff, Chicago, Illinois 60652

Play it smart, and help take a bite out of crime.


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[64-bit bully]
[64-bit mailbox]

Volunteer Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

PSAs in the Children's Campaign

64-bit bully
64-bit mailbox
quiet time
Billy Gilman


order a free copy of McGruff® Wants You To Take A Bite Out Of Crime® online at or by writing to McGruff, Chicago, IL 60652.

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The National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign is managed by the National Crime Prevention Council in partnership with the Crime Prevention Coalition of America, US Department of Justice, and the Ad Council.

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