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McGruff® 'Toons - Tips for Parents

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McGruff Toons®-Tips for Parents are crime prevention and educational cartoons adapted especially for the growing Hispanic population in the United States. They use humor to educate adults about ways they can help Hispanic/Latino children deal with the toughest issues they face-bullies, conflict, gun violence, and drugs.

The series of eight cartoons, featuring McGruff the Crime Dog® and his nephew Scruff®, increases adult awareness about these issues. But more than just raise awareness, the cartoons give adults clear, concise advice and information about proven ways to help children prevent and cope with crime-related situations.
At home, a child is told to never do drugs but is not told why. When the boy's older "friend" offers him drugs, the friend is happy to explain why the child should try drugs.
A girl witnesses her father's rage while driving and her Mother's impatience at a restaurant. While the girl fights with a playmate, her parents wonder why she gets in so many fights.
Two children are told not to do drugs but are confused about what they should do instead
After a boy learns that he should not play with guns, he goes to play basketball. Scruff® agrees that this is "the only kind of shooting he wants to do."
Parents prepare their child for school by dressing her in a protective safety suit and wonder if this is the best way to protect her.
Adults are shocked to learn that most kids stay out of trouble and do not do drugs.
A child asks for more lunch money from a parent and explains that the money is needed to "pay off" the school bullies.
A child watches television and is bombarded with alcohol advertising. An adult asks the child, "You know you shouldn't drink, right?"

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You can view McGruff 'Toons online, or download high-quality copies for reprint on your website or publication.


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