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NCCPC Media Campaigns

McGruff Crime Prevention Messages for Children

These messages tell children what to do when confronted with dangerous or threatening situations in and around school. The ads also encourage children to write for a free, informative comic-activity book that teaches crime prevention and safety lessons. The comic-activity book can be ordered on

The TV commercials "64-bit Bully Blast" and "64-bit Mailbox" use innovative technology from the creators of the movie Antz and several episodes of "The Simpsons" television show.

64-bit bully shows how to deal with bullies64-Bit Bully shows children what to do when confronted by a bully.
[bully storyboard]

64 bit mailbox64-Bit Mailbox encourages kids to order a free comic-activity book that teaches them how to handle dangerous or threatening situations.
[mailbox storyboard]

One Voice:Billy Gilman 12-year old country music recording artist, Billy Gilman, teamed with NCPC to get a message out to America's young people that they could do something to prevent violence. The public service announcement, which features excerpts from Billy's Award-winning One Voice music video, encourages young people to speak up and tell someone if they see a kid with a gun.
[Billy Gilman storyboard]

quiet timeThe "Quiet Time" spot delivers a similar message — that kids must tell a trusted adult if they hear someone threaten to use a weapon to resolve a situation.
[quiet time storyboard]


PSAs in the Children's Campaign

64-bit bully
64-bit mailbox
quiet time
Billy Gilman


order a free copy of McGruff® Wants You To Take A Bite Out Of Crime® online at or by writing to McGruff, Chicago, IL 60652.

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The National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign is managed by the National Crime Prevention Council in partnership with the Crime Prevention Coalition of America, US Department of Justice, and the Ad Council.

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